Failed Drawings Part 1: Scary Babies

As I stated in my about page, there are a few things that I cannot draw: the back legs of a horse, cute babies, and myself. These are things I’ve actually tried to draw and have found that sometimes the practice just makes things worse.

I wanted to share my attempts at drawing my baby, Liam. Some of them are from when he was brand new, and some are more recent. All of them are scary for various reasons. I apologize if anyone is genuinely disturbed by these images. I know I scared the shit out of my husband when I showed him.

Attempt #1

creepy baby grocery cart

This was done from a photograph of when Liam and I went to Trader Joe’s. After I finished drawing his face, I sort of gave up on the rest of his body, because it quickly became pretty obvious that there was no hope to make it resemble a cute baby, let alone my baby. Ugh. This one gives me the creeps. I call it Creepy Baby.

Attempt #2

gremlin baby
Nooooooo! This one will give anyone nightmares. Somehow I managed to draw an even creepier baby. This looks like a cross between a gremlin and a chucky doll. This is called Creepier Baby

Attempt #3

open mouth baby

I guess this is a little better in that it’s not creepy? It still looks nothing like Liam though. I don’t know why but I feel like this is what a male model baby would look like. I don’t particularly find this baby to be good looking. Maybe it’s the chiseled jaw line. So, of course I’ll have to call it Blue Steel Baby. (If you don’t know what Blue Steel is, that’s because you haven’t seen Zoolander, which is a big mistake.


Attempt #4

fat man baby

Fat Man Baby


Attempt #5

bald powder baby

Okay, this is what Powder would have looked like as a newborn. Sorry, I’m going to have to call this one Baby Powder. Terrible.

This is Powder:


If you haven’t seen Powder, definitely go watch it. I don’t remember it being very good, but it’s worth a watch because he’s really pale and he’s always crying.

4 thoughts on “Failed Drawings Part 1: Scary Babies

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